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Movement Backside

Thursday 29th January 2009: the Belgian painter Phebus becomes a graphic artist and upsets the painting standards by launching the movement "Backside".

Backside is a nonconformist way of painting. The material is turned literally upside down: the artist is painting on the backside of the canvas. Released from rigid standards, the painter is able to give free play to its enthusiasm and its creativity.

Against the current and marginal in its kind, Backside wants to upset the conventional painting and expressits innovative and provocative spirit.

Open Call Group Exhibition:  phebus@belgianpainters.com

Games (2009-3)

Acrylic (12" X 12")


Crowd on the beach (2009-4)

Acrylic (12" X 12")


Prayers (2009-5)

Acrylic (12" X 12")


Magic mushrooms (2009-6)

Acrylic (12" X 12")


Dinner in the sky (2009-7)

Acrylic (12" X 12")

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